Present delivery
Home visits (children)
Home visits (adults)
School visits
Corporate visits
Corporate parties
Charitable Organisations *
$   50
$   75/hr 
$ 100/hr
$   40/hr
$   75/hr
$ 150/hr
50% off
$ 100

Other events will be charged as agreed by Santa and customer. 

* Santa performs a limited number of charitable events each year without charge. Other charities and NFPs remain 50% off. 

Visits more than 25 miles away will be an additional $1/mile.


All visits are booked on a first-come, first served basis.  25% of the anticipated fee will be due at the time the visit is booked and is non-refundable.

Payment for other services will be due up front unless special arrangements are made.  

Cash and checks are accepted for payment.  No credit card payments can be processed/accepted.