Santa has many stories concerning the many children he has met.  Here are just a few.

Three visits to Santa in one day!
Every Christmas season, Santa is very busy on the weekend after Thanksgiving Day.  The holiday bargains have just begun, many people are on a long weekend from work.  Perhaps friends and relatives from out of town are visiting and a trip to the mall with a family visit to Santa is the right thing to do.  But, after that rush, things get very quite for the next two or three weeks.  Things are fairly relaxed for most days. The children who come during those weeks have more time to really visit with Santa and talk to him in greater depth about their wish lists.  Santa sometimes shares a story with the children, or a Christmas song.  It is one of Santa's favorite times to of the holiday season.
It was one of those relaxed days that a lovely little girl and her mother came to see Santa.  They had a lively chat about how good she had been, and what she wanted for Christmas.  The list was short, and Santa’s little friend seemed to know precisely what she wanted.  Pictures were taken and Christmas wishes were shared.  Then mom and daughter went on their way to do some shopping.  About an hour later they returned.   It is a little odd for a child to make a repeat visit so quickly, so Santa wondered:  "Perhaps in a visit to a toy store she has found some other item she wanted." 
So when she climbed up on Santa's lap, Santa's first question was "Did you find something  else you might want for Christmas?"  The girl simply shook her head while her mother explained.  The little girl had noticed that Santa was alone on his chair, and was concerned that he might be lonely, so she simply wanted to visit with him.  Santa just smiled and they chatted for a few more minutes, and off she went. 
Another hour passed and she returned again.  This time however, she came with a dinner roll from a local restaurant, all neatly wrapped in a napkin.  She had explained that Mommy had taken her to lunch, and she was worried that Santa might be hungry.  Her mother was quick to explain that she had used a clean napkin, and had not eaten any part of the roll.  I am not so sure that Santa would have minded anyway, he was so touched by this unusual child.

A 10 year old child's Christmas Wish
From time to time a child will have a special item or request that not even Santa can deliver.  This is always a difficult time because Santa is wise and will never promise something that he can’t deliver.  This difficulty is always compounded when the request is one which has a lot of sadness connected to it.  One year, on opening day at the mall a young girl came to visit Santa.  She was about ten or eleven years old - that age when most children have stopped believing in Santa, and often do not wish to be seen visiting with him.  In spite of being very nicely dressed she was obviously a sad young girl, and Santa thought perhaps this was the embarrassment of being "forced" to see Santa. 
Trying to lighten up the moment Santa asked in his best up-beat voice; "So, what can Santa bring you for Christmas this year?"  While casting her gaze to the floor, the response was immediate; "I want my Daddy home."  she said.
  Santa was a little taken back by her request, and asked her where her Daddy was.  "He is in prison," she said, and continued on; "If you can't bring him home, I won't have a good Christmas." 
Now, it is a fact that for all the joy Santa can bring he has no pull with Parole Boards, and lacks the power to grant pardons.  Now Santa is very wise and understands that all is not joyous at Christmas time.  So he said, "I am very sorry to hear that, I'm afraid I am not able to bring your Daddy home, but I want you to have a good Christmas anyway".  "I can't if my Daddy is not at home,"  she replied, looking even sadder.
Santa lifted her chin a little so they could see each other eye-to-eye.  "I know your Daddy loves you very much,"  Santa said.  "But it will be very important for him to know that you are having a good Christmas.  You must work very hard to enjoy this Christmas, and write to your Daddy and tell him so.  That way his Christmas will also be better."  She looked at Santa with a new sense of understanding in her eyes, and after a good Santa hug, she went on her way.